Walking is a basic skill for most of the human, for learning that, human babies always stumble at the beginning, some of them may break their skin from a fall, and after countless trying they finally know how to walk. But if babies use a baby walker to learn how to walk, they could avoid being injured in this process and have a better efficiency. So does fitness.

As a beginner of fitness, it's better to choice a equipment that meet your needs to finish different kinds of exercises, but nowadays, we are always too busy to take the equipment selectively, KEPPI Weight Bench is designed for dealing this issue. 



We need to know what's weight bench for? Or how can it be used on exercises? The weight bench is designed for some workout like bench press, dumbbell fly and etc... You guys maybe confuse that why we need this bench? Can't I just sit on a bench and doing these? 

There are two reasons:

For the first, both KEPPI Weight Bench have the frame which made of high strength alloy, that's why they have the high weight capacity, the Bench 1000Pro can even provide the support up to 1200lbs. (All of the data were recorded after professional test.)



For the second, These bench provide different angles to support your workout, enable you to train your muscles specially and efficiently, especially some of the muscles you almost couldn't reach in the way without weight bench.

As the walk learning, you need to keep on your fitness, other equipment only provides support for your fitness, the best equipment for the beginner is perseverance, don't loose! Just KEPPI!