In this generation, life style becomes faster and faster which changes our food choice and daily routine. People may have no time to gym and because the rest time reducing they may eat a lot of fast food for gathering energy. These don’t work right away but may lead an unhealthy result if people hasn’t awareness. One of that is visceral fat increasing, which may ruins our body but we would not notice that because it is inconspicuous.

Visceral fat is not like the subcutaneous fat, people may seem skinny but store a staggering number of fat inside your body and invisible through bare eyes. This always because they have a low amount of muscle mass and high percentage of visceral fat, which makes them look like in a normal condition. However these fat may cause some diseases like stroke, diabetes and heart diseases.

How to get rid of them?

To be honest, fat burning doesn’t happen in a day, you need to make up your mind to deal with it. And the scientific ways to burn fat is significant.  

Diet(3 principles)      

  • Limiting Total Calories

Reducing your caloric intake gradually, allowing the fat to be burned as replacing energy. Calories reduction is recommended on a monthly gradient, an adult may reduce 250kcal~510kcal a day and maintain this intake for a month. Be sure not to reduce too much to keep your body functioning adequately.

  • Moderate Protein Intake

We should burning fat in a healthy way, which means that we need to keep the supply of energy when we adopt a low-calories diet. Protein provides 20 to 30 percent of the total energy supply, keeping adequate protein intake while burning your fat. (Tip: Too much protein intake may causes damage to liver and kidney function, it need to be moderate.)

  • Limiting Fat and Sugar

Sugar is the best source of energy for human body, but it will transfer to fat and accumulate in our body when it has not been consumed completely, so the optimal amount of sugar should be 40 to 55 percent of the meal. And the over fat intake may causes ketosis, we should reduce the fat intake while following the first principle.


The most effective way for fat loss is exercise with diet support. There are too many exercises could help you reach your target, one of which we suggest is strength training. As a matter of fact, strength training is the effective exercise for losing fat, not only will it burns your fat but also increases your muscle mass.
This adjustable dumbbells would absolutely meet your needs to help you finish different kinds of strength training, they are flexible and saving space, you could change the weight in one second and there are five different weights from 5lbs to 25lbs for the dumbbells.

After all, we must pay attention to the visceral fat and have an understanding about our body condition. Following our suggestion would be helpful, but the most significant thing is your determination and action, remember that, Rome was not built in a day. Let's KEPPI!